Floor Plan Your Classroom

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Step 2. Make a Scale Drawing


Using graph paper, a pencil and a ruler, draw the walls of the room.


Use 1/4 inch = 1 foot scale. For example, if the room walls are 20 feet long, draw a line that is 20 boxes long on 1/4-inch graph paper.


Round all measurements up.


Use thick pencil lines to draw the walls.


Draw lines for the windows, doorways and closets, or use an eraser to make openings for the windows and doorways.


Use a thin line to draw windows and doors.

Add closets and furniture.

Draw dimension lines for all the important measurements in the room.


Use very thin straight lines for dimension lines.

Indicate the scale used.


Include a key, which tells what the floor plan's different lines and shapes are.



Submit your Math-Kitecture floor plan to the gallery or continue to
Step 3: Make a CAD Drawing.


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