Floor Plan Your Classroom

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Step 1 

 Sketch a Map of your Classroom

 Sketch a map of the classroom
Sketch the classroom's shape and the location of its walls, windows, doorways, and closets. Students can work alone or in teams.  

Measure the length and width of the room
Include the width of the windows, doorways, and closets, and the distance to walls from each side of the windows, doorways, and closets. Round up to the nearest inch (or centimeter). Click here for measurement tips.

Calculate the area and perimeter of the floor
Remember to use the correct units (such as square feet or square meters). You will need this information later for the scale drawing.


After you have sketched a map of the classroom, showing the measurements for the walls, windows, doorways, and closets, it is time to go to Step 2: Make a Scale Drawing

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