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We have received teacher lesson plans and ideas about using Math-Kitecture in the classroom... Please send one in, too.

Teacher Lesson Plans - Click on file to download

Checklist for Floor Plan
Shorter and Taller (Grades k-2)
Golden Rectangles in Real Life (Grades 5-7)
Find the Area of a Footprint (Grade 2)
Gum Drop Dome
Building with Shapes
Design an Object Using Shapes Found in Magazines
Create Your Fantasy Playroom
Draw Your Bedroom to Scale
Perimeter and Area
Build Your Own House (for Students with Autism)
Rectangles with a Constant Perimeter

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Ideas and Comments

"Thank you for putting my design on Math-Kitecture. It will help my presentation a lot." -- Hayden
"I love your website! I am a middle school Career Tech teacher in SC and my students are going to redesign our classroom" -- Marsha
"This website is fantastic! My students were having dificulty drawing a room to scale----your site gave me helpful hints to make their learning experience easier and more meaningful! A great resource---because sometimes the textbook just isn't enough...... Thanks a million and one!" -- Pam
" We have found this project to be highly motivating and self-differentiating, and plan to continue with students from several classes in 4th through 6th grades." -- Teacher of Gifted and Talented, MTES, NJ
"I am especially interested in the crossover between mathematics and architecture because it will take math out of the realm of abstraction and test preparation for the kids in our beleaguered public schools and make it something tangible, practical and exciting." -- teacher
"Measuring and doing the floor plan on graph paper took most of the time." -- teacher
"Real-world ideas to get kids first interested and then engaged in actual measurement." -- middle school teacher
"Helped with fractions, since the students needed to use half-boxes." -- teacher
"One of my students completed their first floor plan. I blew it up and have it hanging in the hallway. I am going to have him "teach" my other students how to use it." -- teacher
"The students have the most difficulty with converting to scale." -- teacher
"Coordinates and grids: counting across and down." -- teacher
"Helped with estimation skills." -- student
" Math test: needed to use rulers, Math-Kit gave them hands-on practice." -- teacher
"Area & perimeter (the children started learning them in 3rd grade)." -- elementary school teacher

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To submit your own lesson plans, ideas, or reviews
please email teacher @ math-kitecture.com.

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