Draft a CAD Drawing using
AppleWorks 6 for Windows

Create a new drawing document in AppleWorks 6 for Windows and go to File > Save As.. to save it immediately. Remember to save your work every two minutes.


To download an AppleWorks 6 graph paper template in 1/4" scale:
Windows: right-click here and Save Target As....

New Drawing Document
Show Rulers from the Format > Rulers... menu.

Show Rulers

Format Rulers so the Units are either in Inches or Centimeters.

Set the Divisions to correspond to the scale you are using. For example, if you are using 1/4 inch scale, set the divisions to 4. If you are using 1/8 inch scale, set the divisions to 8. If you are using centimeter scale, set the divisions to 10.

Format Rulers

Ruler Divisions
For Advanced Math-Kitects Only:
Use the Options menu to
Turn Autogrid off. ("Autogrid" makes lines connect - or "snap" - to each other automatically.) This is not recommended for beginners.

Choose the line tool to create walls and windows.

Adjust the width of the line to 8 pt for walls and 3 pt for windows. Remember to draw in scale, using the rulers as guides.

Keep lines straight by holding down the shift key on the keyboard while you draw.

Line Tool Line Width

Use the arc tool from the toolbar to show which way the door opens.
Arc Tool
After drafting the walls and windows, doors and closets to scale, add dimension lines. Try to draw the dimension lines outside of the floor plan of the room. Use a line width of "hairline" and choose an arrow head for the dimension line (instead of "Plain Line").

Hairline Arrow Head
Use the drawing and color tools from the tool bar and create your own furniture.


Use the Show Clippings command to search for furniture clipart (File-> Show Clippings).

Show Clippings

When the Clippings window appears, search web content for appropriate clipart, or use the clipart in the tabbed sections below. Some possible search words include "office," "desk," and "furniture."

Note: most of the Appleworks 6 clippings are cartoon drawings. It may be difficult to find correct views for your floor plan.

Search Clippings
Use the A Text tool to add text boxes. Include one text box for the key, one for the scale, and one for the total area of the room. Also use text boxes to show the length of the walls on the dimension lines.
Text Tool

Click here to see a CAD drafting of a floor plan

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